Summer Exercise

Regular exercise is a must. It is unavoidable if we want to have a healthy body with an attractive look. Getting the six packs abs on the belly is not a one night job. Intense exercise and disciplined diet are the requirements. But how can we manage to do that without proper clothing?

Do not take your sports outfit lightly since it will affect your motivation significantly. For people who live in 4 seasons countries, outdoor exercises can be tricky. And we tend to choose summer as the favorite season to go out for a jog, hiking, or beach sports. But not all sports outfit is adequate for summer.

Short trainer pants

Best Apparel for Summer SportTrainer pants are available in short and long length. But shorts are the best for summer. They allow you to enjoy the sunshine that you have not had in other months. Besides, you can get that beautiful tanned skin on your legs by wearing short pants. However, wearing short pants requires you to apply sunscreen on your skin, or you will be vulnerable to sunburn.

Trainer pants are not unisex. We pick Nike collection for female short trainer pants. They offer the best comfort and air circulation. Poor quality fabrics can cause allergic reactions on the wearer’s skin, which has never been the case with Nike shorts. The top picks of this brand are Eclipse, Flex, and Tempo.

For male shorts, Adidas collection is superb. Supernova, Response, and NMD provide comforts for marathons, strolling, or jogging. Men sweat more than women, and the fabrics used in men’s training shorts are different from women’s.


Tank-tops offer unbeatable comforts in summer. The ones that are made of cotton are the ideal tank-tops to wear. They can absorb sweats and allow the pores on our skin to breathe and regulate body heat. Choosing bright colored tank-tops also help us to maintain body heat at the comfortable level during an exercise session.

You should follow this one rule when choosing a tank-top, which is to pick the one that fits your body perfectly. A tank-top that is too loose can give you a baggy look, which is not going to be attractive at all. Too tight of the size will also expose unwanted fat deposits of your belly skins. Do not dare to wear a slim-fit tank-top unless you have a ripped tummy.

Nike running tank-top series is the best pick. Their fabrics are of high quality, and they come in many neutral colors, such as dark grey, blue, white, and black.


A hoodie do not only keep you warm during cold weather. During summer, the hoodie can protect your skin from extreme heat and UV rays. But the difference is you will need a hoodie that is light and capable of colling you down quickly.

A hoodie that is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, enough to warm you up during work out. The black and grey color choices match many other colors. Moreover, the hoodie will certainly protect your head and face from the sun rays.

An ideal hoodie for summer workouts is the one that is made of a combination fabric of cotton and polyesters. Cotton absorbs the sweat and regulates the air circulation while polyester repels the sweat to accumulate.

Wool-runner sneakers

Sweat AbsorbantShoes are vital to our comforts. Poor quality shoes can make our feet smell. And do not ignore the condition because smelly feet are caused by bacteria and microorganisms. If you leave them to thrive down there, you will be most likely to contract a skin disease, such as clavus. Bacterial infection also can cause blisters and pus-filled bumps.

Choose wool runner sneakers because it provides extra ventilation for the feet. The material is also least likely to cause an allergy to sensitive skin. But if the summer in your area is followed by rain, then having a pair of wool sneakers is a bad choice. Opt for the regular sneaker instead.