Roofer on the Roof

Choosing the Right Fire-proof Roofing Materials

People who live in an area that is prone to wildfire would consider roofing materials in building their house or re-roofing it. It is necessary because fire can spread very fast from the house roofs to the inside of the house. Having fire-proof roofing also makes us safe just in case there is any flame ignited from our neighbors. Accidents can happen.

Gas leak, electricity overheating, faulty wiring, improperly thrown cigarettes, are all the typical causes of house fires. Houses in a residential complex that shares walls are very prone to house fires, and if you live there, you should prioritize installing fire-proof materials.


Metallic RoofMetal roofs can withstand fire. And although you might fear the conductive property of metal, metal roofs are designed to halt the heat in case there is fire on the top of your house roofs. Not only heat resistance, but metal roofs are also least likely to crumble when exposed to extreme heat.

Installing it on your house will eliminate the chance of collapsing structure during a fire. There are three types of roofs, Class A, B, and C. Those types are based on their fire-resistance quality. And metal roofing is included as Class A.

There are a lot of options in using metal roofs. You can prefer steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and alloy. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Metal roof comes in many colors, and it is lighter than the other roofing material. During the winter, it will be easier to shed snow and ice from metal than from other materials.

However, metal needs to be retouched with anti-corrosion coating regularly. This roof is not suitable if you live in the coastal area because the moisture in the air contains salt, which can rust your roofs very quickly. Also, you need to know that because of its thinness, metal roofs may not withstand hails, or heavy wood debris during a blizzard or storm.


Clay roof is made of clay or concrete. This roof is durable, long-lasting, and comes in many styles. And usually, it comes in reddish/orange color, but other colors are also available. Clay roofs are the most flexible roof material that can match most house styles.

However, clay roof is quite heavy, and thus you might need extra roofers to install it. Also, the roof deck should be made of metal. Wood will be dangerous because it may crack and degrade.

Another drawback of clay roof is its price. It is way more expensive than metal or asphalt roofing.  But for the maintenance, you do not need to replace the whole panel, but only the broken tile.


Slate roofsA slate roof is made of stones, and it can last for 150 years or more. It is the most durable roof you that you can expect. Slate roofs also give an exceptional beauty to your house. No other materials can match with the stone-look and earthly-touch of slate roofing. In addition, slate also provides the best protection against noise.

However, the durability, fancy appearance, and noise protection come at an extravagant cost. It is way heavier than clay tiles so that you might spend some more on the worker’s fee. Also, regular maintenance is needed for once in every two years.…

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Thrill Effect

Horror Games that Are Best to Play on VR Device

Virtual Reality (VR) has brought a drastic change in how we can enjoy playing video games. It enables us to immerse our senses into the game environment. And have you ever thought what games could gain the most benefit from such feature? And the answer will be Role Playing Games, of course. They have an adventurous plot, Non-Playable Characters (NPC), and vast maps. But fantasy RPG has been discussed a lot. What we should focus right now are horror RPG games.

A note for a hardcore gamer

VR HeadsetSome of you might be hardcore gamers who would love to torture yourselves with fear and painstaking difficulties. And you might have thought that VR technology is a so-so innovation. What you need to know is that you are dreadfully wrong.

Just for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, nearly 300,000 people gave good reviews on their experience of playing the game with Play Station VR.

A postdoctoral researcher and a professor of Department of Philosophy at Johannes Gutenberg University, Dr. Michael Madary and Dr. Thomas Metzinger, have warned the game industry about the potential psychological damage of witnessing gruesomeness and getting involved visually with a sadistic-conduct by playing horror games with a VR device.

VR leaves its trace of trauma to the user because the device has managed to bridge the gap of the thing happens to the character in the game with the real thing that happens to the player. Once a player puts on the VR headset, he is no longer him/herself, but the character in the game.

For healthy people who do not have a history of mental disorders, playing with VR devices might not trigger any episodes. But no research has ever studied the impact of VR and mental disorders, so the industry must treat their products carefully. Therefore, VR is a serious tech. But for now, let’s jump to the list of best VR horror games.

Wilson’s Heart

Playing Horror GameWilson’s Heart plays the player and not the other way around. You start in an asylum that holds a secret of your past, who you actually are, and where your heart is. Yes, you have heard it right. You play the game to find your missing heart.

As the game goes, the whole situations descend into madness and depravity. It is hard to ignore the game’s resemblance to Silent Hill game series, where the whole town has its hellish version in the parallel universe. But in Wilson’s Heart, you are at a mental hospital.

The game aggravates the horror by choosing the setting in 1940. The vintage costumes and depressing atmosphere adds up to the game very well. You will also have to deal with NPCs who have elaborated back-stories of their own. It will be very puzzling and surreal to deal with them since they are also fellow patients with mental disorders.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is exclusively available for PSVR. Its predecessor, Until Dawn, was the best game for avid fans of Life is Strange or Beyond: Two Souls. But instead of a drama, you will get terror. The Rush of Blood places the player on a roller coaster ride to Hell.

It gives you thrill as bringing back the memory of haunting spirits you have encountered in the previous installment. But if …

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