Various Camera Stabilizer Alternatives

smartphoneA couple of decades or so ago, people would have viewed cameras differently. Over recent history, photographers have experienced an explosion in the different types of cameras available. Polaroid was a revolution when it arrived and allowed any photographer to take a picture and see the results almost instantly. Digital cameras came after, first with low resolutions, and then swiftly followed by professional-grade SLR versions. Now you have a quality camera in almost every smartphone. This doesn’t mean that cameras have finished evolving; manufacturers are already pushing out new mirrorless versions.

According to the local grapher, what you need in a camera entirely depends on what goal you have in mind. One of the most essential accessories that every amateur or professional filmmaker should have is a camera stabilizer. The main purpose of this camera accessory is to keep your camera steady while recording video, thus extending your camera’s ability to capture high-quality images even in different positions, floor heights, or difficult situations. Today, there are several brands of camera stabilizers that you can check out. Each of these camera rig brands has its special features and benefits to suit the individual needs or requirements of different users. Below are some of the rig alternatives that you can choose from:

Prime DSLR Rig

This camera rig can support about 7.5 lbs of DSLR camera as its additional accessories. It is a user-friendly design with a quadcopod elastic stabilization system along with an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum frame. Also, it can work well with other camera versions created by Panasonic.

Sniper 1080 KS Rig

If you use it with a small DSLR, like the Canon Rebel, you are guaranteed to take photos from multiple angles. To send a feed of your shots to your iPhone, you can also purchase other essential accessories like the TROL articulating arm with the x-shot iPhone case. Not only that, but it has a quick-release plate that you can easily carve and store.

Moose Rig

For professional filmmakers or videographers, the best DSLR rig accessories for you is the Moose rig since it combines two articulating arms to create a solid two-handed rig that can support up to 17 pounds of camera and other accessories. So if you are using ultra-professional cameras such as Red Scarlet or Red Epic, this camera rig can be the best solution for you.

A camera stabilizer is one of the most essential accessories that an amateur or professional photographer and videographer must-have. It is mainly used to protect the camera for much better image capture quality.…

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